About us

As a Group, we have presence in India since 1980 first as a Proprietary Concern and later on in April 1984 it has converted into a Partnership Firm. With 38 years of experience since 1980, Our Managing Partner and all our other partners and staffs have distinguished qualifications and extensive experience in the areas of External/Internal Audit of Corporate and Government Undertakings, Concurrent Audit of Banks, Stock, Quality Review and Insurance and Physical Verifications, Income and Expenditure Audit, Direct & Indirect Tax Matters & Consultancy thereof, Management Accounting, Risk Management, Analysis of Financial Statements and advisory services.

We specialize in helping businesses to achieve their goals. Through our own professional expertise and by working directly with organizations, we've developed a robust understanding of the factors that govern business growth. Our objective is to use this to help our clients maximize their potential.

We have a partner-led approach, which delivers the highest quality of service by using short, functional chains of communications to aid decision-making. Clients benefit from our fresh thinking, constructive challenge and practical understanding of the issues they face. Developing strong, personal relationships with our clients is at the forefront of our service approach.

Every staff member is responsible for consistently following Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, and for choosing the right course of action if faced with an ethical workplace dilemma.

Our mission is to foster public confidence in the CA profession by acting in the public interest and helping our member’s excel. Promote professional excellence through developing, monitoring and enforcing the highest standards of competence and ethical conduct. To be the most highly respected professional firm in the region, where clients come for the peace of mind that their interests are being cared for by a team that enjoys working with them and one another.